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Academic consultancy for Islamic Studies involves providing specialized expertise and services tailored to the needs of students, educators, researchers, and institutions engaged in the field of Islamic Studies.

Dr. Khaled

Dr. Khaled Hosen

Tarbiyah Academic Researcher
Tarbiyah Education Network

Hridoy Ustaz-01

Ustaz Hossain Mohammad

Department of Islamic Studies
Tarbiyah Education Network

Ustaz Hossain Faiyaz

Alimiyah Program
Tarbiyah Education Network

Abdullah Al Mamun

Sr Educator
Alimiyah Program
Tarbiyah Education Network

Educational Consultation

Assists in academic decisions aligning with career goals.

Admission preparation

Guides through college applications and interview preparation.


Supports academic performance, career, and personal development.

Study Abroad

Provides support for selecting and applying international programs.

Scholarship Guidance

Helps identify and apply for scholarships, grants.

Career Path Planning

Helps identify goals, develop strategies, and prepare.


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