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I’m Murad Sheikh, a dynamic video editor, media team leader, and social media manager. I have dedicated myself to the art of visual storytelling, backed by extensive experience and a skill set that covers various aspects of media production.

Academics :
JSC at Gulshan model school and college in 2008
SSC at Gulshan model school and college in 2010
HSC at Gulshan model school and college in 2012
Diploma in Video Editing


Expertise :
Adobe Photoshop – Industry-standard for image editing and manipulation.
Adobe Illustrator – Vector graphics editor for creating logos, icons, and illustrations.
Adobe InDesign – Design and layout software for creating print and digital media. Adobe Lightroom – Photo organization and editing tool for photographers. Video and Motion Graphics.
Adobe Premiere Pro – Professional video editing software.
Adobe After Effects – Visual effects and motion graphics software.
Social Media Management and Marketing


Experience :
Admin at La Tahzan Media


About Tarbiyah :
I am thrilled to share my ongoing feedback regarding my experience as a video editor employee at Tarbiyah Media. As I continue to work within this dynamic and creative environment, I am consistently inspired by the opportunities for growth and the collaborative spirit that define my journey here.