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My name is Mujahidul Islam, my education is, Alhamdulillah, I memorized the Quran, then I completed Masters from “Jamiatul Uloomil IslamiaDhaka” one of the country’s leading Qaumi Madrasas,  then I studied Comparative Religion for one year in that Madrasa, after that I studied Islamic Fiqh for one year at Jamiatul Ma’arif at Jatrabari in Dhaka.  Currently I am working as a teacher in Hifaz branch of Tarbiyah Academy, the first online institution of the country.



Teaching the Holy Quran and tajweed amd Islamic fiqh



Teaching the Holy Quran and tajweed and Basic computer


About Tarbiyah

Tarbiyah Academy is a little religious institution, this institution is not a dynamic institution, but this institution takes initiatives according to the needs of the age. The activities of this institution are very transparent. The significant activities of this institution are, Online Hifaz Madrasa, Online Alimiya, Online Diploma, Offline English Medium Madrasa Publishing Department.  etc. I am proud to be a member of Tarbia