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About Myself

The name Ashiqur Rahman is assimilated and related with the kind of people who dream full with their eyes and work so hard. He is both a Teacher and Young Researcher. As well as a Social Worker and working as a dedicated Volunteer. Now, He is serving at Madrasatut Tarbiyah as an Assistant Teacher.

In previous, He worked as a “Secretary of Office” of executive committee and “Research Manager” of “War-Peace and Security” Team in “Dhaka University Research Society (DURS)” He loves Research and want to find out the new factor of society. From this kind of ambitions, In the (ISRC)-2020 Research Conference, He presented a Research Paper of mine title on “The Education System of Quami Madrasah in Bangladesh: In Search of Change and Modernization”. He also attended as an international delegate in the seminar named “Sampreeti Sanglap’ held in Vidyasagar University, India.  As a young researcher, He presented a research paper in the “International conference on 100 Years of International Relation” held in Jadavpur University, India. The title of his research paper was, “Perception of Youth on Influence of Information Communication and Technology in Bilateral Business Relation between Bangladesh and India”.



Recently, he completed his Post-Graduation in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Dhaka. And also did his Graduation from the department and the same university. He also gained a Fazil Degree from Arabic University as well.


Expertise & Experience:

He expert in English Language & Literature, Bangla Language & Literature, Arabic Language & Literature, Islamic Economics, National and International General Knowledge, Geography and Civics. He has near about 2 years of professional teaching experience.


About Madrasatut Trabiyah:

This is a Cambridge English and Medina Arabic curriculum-based English Medium Institution with Islamic excellency. The founder of this institution very renowned Islamic Scholar person ” Professor Mokhter Ahmed. It also gives the Quran Hifz Florishment.