Marzia Afrin

Asst Educator


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I am Marzia Afrin. Recently, I joined Madrasatatut Tarbiyah as an elementary teacher. I have a passion for teaching and for trying to have an individual approach to each child, with the goal of achieving the best possible progress with everyone. I am an Enthusiastic and highly motivated teacher. I am results-driven and believe in offering the maximum support possible to every child, prioritizing their long-term growth and development. My patience and adaptive approach help me tailor my approach to my students wherever possible.


Academics: B.Sc and M.Sc in Mathematics from Jagannath University


Expertise: Teaching, Decision making, Child care, Critical thinking, Imaginative thinking, Leadership, Teamwork, Computer skills


About Tarbiyah : An English-medium school with Hifz and Daycare facilities. Lots of highly qualified faculty and an excellent management team. One of the fastest-growing Islamic madrasha in Mohammadpur. With the leading position of honorable Shaikh professor Mokter Ahmad, there are lots of new opportunities for the guardian who wants their children to be practicing Muslims as well as qualified students.