Husain Faiyaz

Sr Educator


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  • About me :

Energetic educator with proven skills in teaching diverse subjects of Islamic studies, especially Quran & Tajweed. 



Takmeel fil Hadeeth (M.A in Arabic & Islamic Studies)
Session: 2018-2019 Grade: 1st class


Fazilat (B.A in Arabic & Islamic Studies)
Passed Year: 2017 Grade: 1st class


Tahfi­zul Quran – (Memorization of the holy Quran)
Session Year: 2007-2010 Grade: 1st class


Obtained an Ijazah on Riwayah Hafs & Shu’bah from Asim rah under the supervision of of shaykh Muhammad al-Sadiq Awadullah, Egypt.
February, 2.

  • 022-April, 2023
  • Gained a Certificate on teaching Qaidah Nuraniyah, Furqan center, KSA.
  • Expertise:
  • Have proficiency in teaching Quran & Tajweed.
  • Expert in designing curriculum and making lesson plan for kids & elders.
  • Development and implementing lesson plans that addressed general students.
  • Reviewing the curriculum and devising alternate approaches to presenting lessons to increase student understanding.
  • Experience:
  • Worked as a Research scholar & Assistant teacher at Tarbiyah Institute
    1st August, 2020-June, 2021
  • Worked as Alimiyyah Coordinator and Curriculum designer
    1st January, 2021-July, 2023 (Running)
  • Worked as a Quran & teacher of Quran & Tajweed in Diploma in Islamic Studiess at Tarbiyah Academy.
    1st January, 2022-July, 2023 (Running)
  • About Tarbiyah :
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