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I am Mohammad Abu Numan, I am a Hafez of Quran.  And students-studying for honors on tafseer. I am working as a teacher in Tarbiyah Online Hifz Department.  There is a strong desire to make oneself a good person and spend one’s life in the service of religion(Islam). I want to fulfill the responsibility of the Quran.



1-Quran Hafez

2- Honors in Islamic Arabic University (Al Quran and Islamic Studies)



Al Quran And  Tajweed

Islamic knowledge

Bangla,Arabic and English language

Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint



Spending my 2nd year as a teacher at Tarbiyah Online Madrasah.  During these two years I have designed several courses, conducted the course as the head of the department. To me Tarbiyah is a unique institution.  There are many reasons for this, one of which is Tarbiyah is doing a great job of spreading Islamic education and Quran education in modern ways online and offline all over the world.  The dreamer of Tarbiyah is a great man.  All the directors of Tarbiyah have very beautiful minds.  I am very proud to be a member of Tarbiyah.  May Allah grant you Tarbiyah long life.